юли 13, 2015

Concept and description

ART BUSINESS CENTER /ABC/ – the boutique business building Class A is located in one of the capital’s most attractive and fast developing business areas – right next to Sofia Airport. Situated at the intersection of Christopher Columbus Blvd. and Prodan Tarakchiev Str., ABC is surrounded solely by new business buildings. The bus stops of lines 84, 384 and 184 are right in front of the building and the tube station of the airport is in walking distance.

In the area are also located Autounion Centre, Porsche Business Centre, Sofia Airport and a number of top logistics companies – DHL, Unimasters Solutions, TNT. Several large-scale projects of international companies are under construction at the moment, as well as a new road between Terminal 2 and Brussels Blvd.

ART BUSINESS CENTER is built on an area of 1 833 m2. , including 2 underground and 10 overground levels.

Main technical characteristics of ART BUSINESS CENTER

Facades and Roofs

The outer contour of the building features ovals and acute angles to resemble the shape of an eye developed as a decorative element on the roof. This remarkable design has made ART BUSINESS CENTER one of the most prominent and innovative structures in Bulgaria.

Up to the +9.00 m level, a suspended façade has been constructed from ETEM E-85 aluminium profiles integrating two-barrier low-heat-transfer  double glazing and thermal panels made from non-combustible PVDF-coated ENF sheet in the thick sections zone.

An innovative technology uses the energy-saving double façade system for solar protection, for overheating/overcooling prevention and for energy efficiency improvement.

The façade concept for the tall section consists in the construction of a specific double skin façade system offering the following advantages:

  • Buffer for overheating prevention;
  • Wind protection;
  • Solar shield;
  • Natural ventilation/cooling during the summer months;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Mechanical protection of the inner façade.

The double skin façade consists of an outer ‘skin’, an inner ‘skin’ and an air layer between them. The  outer  skin  is  a  laminated  tempered  glass  panel  –  12/1.76/12  Pl.B.Linea  Azzurra  and

10/1.76/10 – Pl.B.Linea Azzurra – with integrated sun protection print having 34.5% density.

The inner skin has been constructed from ETEM series E-45 façade aluminium casings and railing strips from ELVAL ENF TM aluminium sheet (non-combustible PVDF-coated ENF sheet) and high- quality thermal insulation.

The ELVAL ENF TM aluminium sheet is non-combustible and fully compliant with the international regulations concerning the fire protection of buildings and construction materials.

Similar  double  skin façades  have been constructed  for two other buildings  in the world: the

Salvation Army Headquarters in London and the Munich Reinsurance Company building.

The roofs are flat, with intensive greenery. For this purpose, the thickness of the light weight soil substrate above the showroom is 60 cm allowing for low and medium-sized trees to be planted. The  vegetation  planted  on  a 35  cm  soil  layer  on  the  +32.67  m level  will  contribute  to the reduction  of the harmful  СО2  emission  to the atmosphere  and will also protect  the last floor against overheating or overcooling.

Synergy of spaces and integrated services for their users

The building features 10 overground and 2 underground levels containing areas with different functions aimed at a lasting mix of mutually beneficial services.

The first-class commercial areas suitable for showrooms are located on the ground level and have large windows facing the street.

The business restaurant with coffee lounge and panoramic terrace on the second floor has been designed to cater for both the people working in the building and their business associates.

The guarded indoor car park guarantees the safety of personal and company vehicles.

The  centralised  management  including  maintenance  of  the  communal  areas  and  systems, cleaning and security, guarantees the high level of customer care and occupancy and security standards.

5 high-speed  lifts of the latest KONO Mono Space model with an interesting  interior concept: FOUR SEASONS.

Modern office spaces

ART BUSINESS CENTRE offers modern class A office spaces allowing for:

  • different configurations of small and big office spaces of up to 4 offices per floor;
  • flexible workstation arrangement within an office: raised floor with category 7 computer and high-tension wiring.
  • spacious rooms with finished floor to ceiling distance of 2.80 (3.50 m between two slabs).

The glass façade along the entire height of the office floors provides natural light and a possibility for safe ventilation of the rooms.

  • individual billing and cost control, independent management of the microclimate within the rooms using the BMS / Building Management System
  • low utility costs – the double skin façade system with an air buffer in the middle protects

the rooms against overheating and overcooling.

  • high security level – fire alarm and fire extinguishing system, CCV cameras in the common areas and along the building’s perimeter; SOT security, 24-hour manned security service, access control.

First-class commercial areas

The  ground  floor  of the  building  includes  a commercial  area suitable  for  vehicle,  furniture  or equipment  showrooms.  The room has clear height of 4.50 m, usable  area of 671.79  m2  and leasable area of 725.06 m2.

Part of the showroom windows face a main road: Christopher Columbus Boulevard and Prodan Tarakchiev  Street,  and  their  total  surface  area  is  472.5  square  metres.  The  shop  has  two entrances: northern and southern, with automatic sliding doors and 2 emergency exits, and can be split into two smaller shops.

Like the offices, the commercial area also allows for individual billing through the BMS, video surveillance,  and  SOT  security.  Its  proximity  to  both  terminals  of  Sofia  Airport  and  its  key location at an intersection make it perfect for its tenants whose targets are both Bulgarian and international clients.

Restaurant and Coffee Lounge

Gross leasable area: 674.70 square metres (including a 258.82 square metre panoramic terrace overlooking Vitosha Mountain), usable area: 603.26 square metres and a 373.71 hall including a restaurant,  cloakroom,  and toilet facilities  for guests.  Seating  capacity  within the room: 150; seating capacity of the terrace: around 100.

Finishing materials and interior

The suspended  AMF Thermatex  ceilings and raised floors in the office areas allow for system integration and office space flexibility.

The fitted carpeting in the offices and halls is made from natural anti-static, highly wear-resistant materials of a high fire safety class.

The installation solutions and systems guarantee that the building will function in compliance with the highest class A modern standards:

  • BMS (Building Management System)
  • air conditioning throughout
  • high-speed lifts
  • state-of-the-art fire fighting systems
  • two independent power supply sources.
  • an up-to-date security and access control system.

Contemporary interior solutions have been offered for the common areas of the building and the conference unit. The high-quality and precious materials enhance the air of prestige:

  • natural stone flooring has been laid both in the lobby interior and in front of the building;
  • highly acoustic lining from Resap TOPAKUSTIK with natural veneer in the central lobby;
  • KNAUF Cleaneo acoustic suspended ceiling;
  • decorative interior glass lining with AGC Lacobel coat of varnish in all floor lobbies;
  • KONE FULL FRONT DOOR stainless steel sheet lining round the lift doors;
  • OIKOS decorative interior paints;
  • modern visual communication: totem, information boards, notices;
  • DEKKO lighting fixtures.


The building and interior designs were created by a team headed by architect Atanas Panov– „LP Consult“ /“Sector Arh“, winner of a number of Building of the Year awards.

The Project Management  was performed  by MIX Consulting  Group JSC with General Manager Engineer Rumen Horev.

General contractor of construction: ARNAUDOV Construction Company LTD. (General Manager: Vasil Arnaudov) Other partners: façade: Kristian Neiko 90 Ltd.; lifts: Alex ЕА Ltd.; electrical fittings: Italmodaluce Bulgaria Ltd.; dry construction: Nitera Bild Ltd.; HVAC: Stanilov Ltd. and Geo Sys Ltd.; BMS: New Systems Ltd. with SIEMENS equipment.